Bambix Groeimelk +1Jr Natuur 1000 melk




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Bambix Groeimelk +1Jr Natuur 1000 melk

. Composition / Content:
semi-skimmed milk, enriched with iron, zinc, essential fatty acids and vitamins
Per 100 ml:
2.5 g protein, 7.5 g carbohydrates, 3.4 g fat, minerals: 0.05 g Na, Fe 1.3 mg, 100 mg Ca, P 71 mg, 0.6 mg Zn, vitamins: A 80 ?g, B1 0. 04 mg, 0.2 mg B2, 0.3 mg B5, B6 0. 04 mg, 0.4 ?g B12, C 8.0 mg, 1.3 ?g D, E 1.3 mg.

Ideal for children in their growth (from 1 years), compared with cow's milk: 26 × more iron, 2 × more zinc, 5 to 13 × more essential fatty acids, 10 vitamin supplements, less protein (therefore it is better adapted to the development of kidney your toddler). No artificial colors, flavors and fragrances; use.

Recommended Daily Amount: 500 ml for children aged 1 to 5 years can be drunk hot or cold, and is also suitable for many preparations

Preservation: unopened at room temperature / in the fridge. Opened 2 days kept in the refrigerator. Expiry date on packaging.

Delivery form Milk
Type of product Diet - Nutrition - Foods
Brands Bambix
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