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Imutis 10 caps


The bacteria
The most common bacteria in our intestines to the lactobacilli and bifidobacillen. They help in digestion of food. The production of organic acids (lactic acid) inhibit the growth of bad bacteria off. They play an important role in the intestinal ecosystem.
The yeast
Yeasts are often used in the food industry (as in the bakery, in the production of wine and also in the production of probiotics). The yeast used in Imutis ® is Saccharomyces boulardii. This yeast gives off enzymes that increase the resistance of the organism and helpful in digestion. It is because of these reasons that Imutis ® a good influence on the intestinal flora.
Saccharomyces boulardii is not naturally present in the intestinal flora. It is therefore advisable to provide an external input. The presence in Imutis ® contributes to the effectiveness of the product.

Composition / Content:
Sacchormoyces boulardii 6 billion, Lactobacyllus acidophilus 2 billion, Lactobacillus rhamnosus 3 billion, Bifidobacter longum 2 billion.

Posology / dose:
Children: 1 to 2 capsules per day.
Adults: 2 to 4 capsules per day.
The capsules are taken with a glass of water. For patients with swallowing difficulties (children or elderly), the contents of the capsules are dissolved in a glass of water or a small portion of food are mixed.
Council: to ensure the efficiency should be avoided at Imutis ® be taken with hot drinks, hot food or alcohol.
Property: The formula is odorless and tasteless.

Comment Author:
Blistering has a detrimental effect on CFU (nucleating ability)?
The effect is negligible. The company has Trenker checked by a count of the CFU before and after the blistering. There was no significant difference found. The blistering has no effect on the CFU.
Instead, we draw attention to the fact that the temperature at the sealing and high rises that the contact time of the blisterlijn zero. It is also working with a rotating sealing device (not flat) and there are minimum 60 minutes per blisters made. This means that the contact time with the hot sealing device barely 1 / 100 of one seconds is a blister mm. It seems logical that this is negligible as the nucleating ability is concerned.
In general, it is true that bacteria are sensitive to moisture, while the yeasts more contact with air is a sensitive point. To avoid contact with air is at Imutis ® PVC / PVDC blisters blisters instead of just working with PVC. The combination of PVC / PVDC is a much better barrier against moisture and air than PVC alone.

Comment Author:
In theory, the best formula in the series.

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