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Therapeutic Indications:

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Flexium 10% 100 gel


Therapeutic Indications:

periarticulaire Symptomatic treatment of acute diseases and disorders of the soft tissues (abarticulaire inflammatory diseases) such as periartritis humeroscapularis, lumbago, lumbo - ischialgie, tenosynovitis, bursitis, tendinitis, epicondylitis.
Symptomatic treatment of dorsolumbalgieën associated with degenerative diseases of the spine (lumbar spondylosis).
Symptomatic treatment of closed traumatic lesions, sports injuries or trauma such as contusion, sprain or twist.

Qualitative and quantitative composition:

Flexium contains as active ingredient: Etofenamaat.
Flexium Gel 10% - gel: 100 mg / g.
Flexium Cream 10 % - cream: 100 mg / g.
Flexium Spray 10% - skin spray, solution: 100 mg / ml.
For excipients, see List of excipients.

Pharmaceutical form:

Flexium Gel 10% - gel.
Flexium Cream 10% - cream.
Flexium Spray 10% - skin spray solution.

Posology and method of administration:

Adults and adolescents.
Flexium Gel 10% :
3 to 4 times a day from 2.5 to 5 cm gel on the painful area and make careful massaging the whole area.
Flexium Cream 10%:
as the effect of refreshing (cooling effect) of the gel is not desired, 3 to 4 times a day from 2.5 to 5 cm cream on the sore area and make the whole area carefully massaged.
Flexium Spray 10%:
3 to 4 times a day to make the painful area. The spray up to 7 times per application and activate the entire area carefully massaged.
Children younger than 14 years.

The use in children should be avoided as it means to them not examined

This is a medicine, no prolonged use without medical advice, keep away from children, read the leaflet carefully. Ask your doctor or pharmacist. In case of side effects, contact your doctor.


Hypersensitivity to etofenamaat for other NSAIDs, including salicylates and other components of the preparation.
damaged skin.
Children, because of insufficient clinical research.

Special warnings and precautions for use:

Flexium should not be used on open wounds, one on eczematous skin or in case of skin allergy. Contact with eyes and mucous membranes should be avoided. The systemic absorption increases when the drug prolonged and / or used on large surfaces. Consequently, the potential toxicity similar to that of other NSAIDs, and caution in: - a history of coagulation disorders - hypertension or heart disease exacerbated by water retention / edema - peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis, diseases of stomach and duodenum - renal and hepatic - intake of diuretics.
This medicine should not be administered to children, since it has not been studied in this group. Do not swallow. It is advised to wash hands after application. Keep out of reach of children. Treatment duration will not exceed 2 to 3 weeks.
There is a risk of photosensitivity.

Pregnancy and lactation:

Flexium during pregnancy should not be used during lactation and its use should be avoided.

Side effects:

In rare cases there may be redness of the skin and occur in extremely rare cases allergic skin reactions (intense itching, a sensation of burning Skin rash, erythema, swelling of the skin, blistering) occur. If such reactions occur, treatment should be stopped.
If the drug prolonged and / or used on large surfaces, the systemic adverse effects of NSAIDs (digestive and renal effects) occur (increased systemic absorption) .
There is a risk of photosensitivity.

Effects on ability to drive and use machines:

No data available.


In case the entire contents (or more) of a tube of Flexium gel 10%, 10% cream or a bottle of Flexium Spray 10% in short time would be applied over the entire body surface, can include headache, dizziness or gastrointestinal problems occur. In this case it is recommended to wash the body with water to remove residual contents. Accidental oral ingestion of a large quantity of gel or cream can, especially in young children, cause vomiting, convulsions, coma. The stomach should be emptied by aspiration and flushed. The administration of absorbent charcoal may reduce the absorption of etofenamaat.
Depending on the amount taken and the age of the patient, hospitalization may be necessary.

List of excipients:

Flexium Gel 10%:
Poly glycolic ether of alcohol oleocetylische - Macrogol 400 - Carbomer 940 - Sodium hydroxide - Propylene glycol - Essential Oil of eucalyptus - Essential oils of pine - Isopropyl - Purified water.
Flexium Cream 10%:
Mono-et diglycerides of palmitic and stearic acid - Polyoxyethyleenstearaat - Isopropyl - Methylhydroxyethylcellulose 4000 - Benzyl - anhydrous citric - Sodium - Purified water.
Flexium Spray 10%:
Isopropyl - Eumulgin M8 - Propylene glycol - Macrogol 400 - Diisopropyl adipate - Purified water.

Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction:

To date, no interactions with other drugs reported during treatment with Flexium.


Data not worried.


Delivery form Gel
Type of product Medicine
Brands Flexium

This is a medecine

This is a medecine available without a prescription.. Do not use long without medical advice. Read the instructions carefully. Keep this medicine out of the reach of children. Keep the manual as it contains important information. Ask for advice from your doctor or pharmacist. Consult your doctor if adverse reactions.


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