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Therapeutic indications

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Therapeutic indications
Anti-infectious, antiseptic and disinfectant treatment of skin and mucosal diseases caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses.
iso-Betadine Dermicum
* Dermatology:

Microbial dermitis: furonculosis, folliculitis, impetigo, acne papulo-pustuleuse.
Mycotic dermitis: pityriasis versicolor, Erythrasma, Intertrigo perigenitalis, circinatus herpes, athlete's foot, onychomycosis.
Bedsores and leg ulcers.

* Surgery:
Disinfection of wounds and of the operation field.
Peritoneal lavage. Blaasinstillatie.
Preparing the skin before injections, venipuncture or transfusion.
Treatment of burns.
iso-Betadine Mouthwash
Mouth-pharynx and disorders caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses: stomatitis, glossitis, gingivitis, amygdalitis, pharyngitis. Adjuverende proposed as treatment for angina. Pre-and post-operative care at amygdalectomie.
Thrush, herpes (as prophylaxis or as treatment of bacterial surinfectie).
Dental care after extractions, and dental plaque paradontosen. Adjuverende treatment in dental abscess.
iso-Betadine Gel
Treatment of traumatic or surgical wounds of origin.
Trophic lesions: ulcer varicosum, postflebitisch ulcer, ulcer by arterial insufficiency, pressure ulcers. Burns.
iso-Betadine soaps and germicides Uniwash
Cleaning of wounds in surgery and dermatology.
Vulvar and perineal toilet in case of technical interventions.
Antiseptic cleansing of the hands.
Antiseptic shampoo.
iso-Betadine and Gynecology Unigyn
Perineal toilet after episiotomy.
Vaginal irrigaties in case of vaginitis, vulvo-vaginitis, exocervicitis or ectropion of the neck, caused by povidone-iodine sensitive germs (possibly associated with a specific treatment).
Hydro iso-Betadine Alcoholic Solution
* Decontamination of the skin and the operation of a field before surgery.
Therapeutic indications
* Anti-infectious, antiseptic and disinfectant treatment of skin diseases caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses.
iso-Betadine Alcoholic Solution Hydro is particularly appropriate where the rapid drying of the skin is required.

iso-Betadine Tulle
Protection and antiseptic treatment of wounds, burns and trophic ulci.

Dosage and method of administration
Note: All forms of iso-Betadine are for EXTERNAL USE.
Usual dosage:
iso-Betadine Dermicum
Brushes and touch: the solution pure or diluted by half or quarter water use, 1 or several times a day.
iso-Betadine Mouthwash

Gargle and mouth rinses: a tablespoon pure solution for half a minute, 2 or 3 times a day.
Highlight of the lesions with a cotton swab soaked in the solution, 2 or 3 times a day.

iso-Betadine Gel
Direct application or connection, 1 or several times a day.
iso-Betadine Gynecologie
1 to 2 injections per day with a vaginal solution consisting of 2 tablespoons of product diluted in a pint of lukewarm water.
iso-Betadine soaps and germicides Uniwash
Cleaning of soiled wounds with soap.
Vulvar and perineal toilet: one teaspoon per toilet soap and water.
Antiseptic cleansing of hands: 2-3 ml dry hands in the capture, by carefully massage the liquid spreading all over the surface of the palms and backs hand, and between the fingers. The coloring of the skin to check whether the preparation was properly distributed. Lightly wet with water and antiseptic froth by both hands repeatedly rubbing together without the space between the fingers to forget. Rinse and dry. The washing takes about 1 minutes.
Antiseptic shampoo: two washes of the hair and scalp with each carrying 10-15 ml. Rinse.
Hydro iso-Betadine Alcoholic Solution
1 or more times a day diluted in the skin.
A sterile compress soaked with about 5 ml solution for 10 seconds to affected skin area lay. Let dry, do not rinse.
The drying time is consistent with the antiseptic activity manifests itself in 30 seconds.
iso-Betadine Tulle
Affixing a connection, 1 or several times a day.
iso-Betadine Unigyn
1 to 2 injections per day with a vaginal solution obtained after adding the contents of the bottle to the 10 ml vial of 140 ml. After mixing both solutions, the tube and confirm the irrigation run.
Hold the bottle of 140 ml tightly. Push until the shell breaks. The dilution bottle is now open.
Open the bottle of 10 ml by a rotary motion.
Pour the contents of the bottle in the dilution of 10 ml vial of 140 ml.
Keep the dilution bottle with the cap tightly and clamp it with the nozzle in a circular motion down.

This is a medicine, no prolonged use without medical advice, keep away from children, read the leaflet carefully. Ask your doctor or pharmacist. In case of side effects, contact your doctor.

- Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.
- Premature infants or children younger than 30 months.
- Thyroid disorders or history of iodine intolerance.
- Concomitant use of topical preparations that contain mercury derivatives.

Special warnings and precautions for use
The contact with eyes. In an extensive treatment of skin surfaces, mucous membranes or prolonged infusions on, should be taken into account the possible jodiumresorptie through the skin.
The results of a study of thyroid function may be affected if systeemresorptie. The risk of increased absorption increases with prolonged use in the treatment of wounds and large areas under occlusion.
iso-Betadine Dermicum is usually not intended for application to the mucous membranes.
Do not use without medical advice in children between 30 months and 5 years.
iso-Betadine Alcoholic Solution Hydro not near a heat source or use a flame. The product contains alcohol and is flammable.
After preparing the surgery field, it is important to check that any product residue, which can be found mainly in the skin folds, are completely dry. This precaution is particularly applicable when using an electric tool to avoid the risk of burns.
iso-Betadine Alcoholic Solution Hydro no mucosa, wounds and burns make.

Interaction with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction
The incompatibilities of the iodine respect, particularly iso-Betadine not simultaneously with mercury derivative used: the association of povidone-iodine with mercury derivatives should be rejected because of the risk of formation of corrosive compounds.
Povidone-iodine is unstable in alkaline pH and is inactivated by sodium thiosulfate.
Systeemresorptie of iodine can lead to disruption of the function of the thyroid studies and the results of other biological tests influence (dose of potassium, phosphate, uric acid, ...).
The concomitant use of iso-Betadine and some products such as silver-based disinfectants or a solution of hydrogen peroxide (usually hydrogen peroxide) may lead to reduced efficacy of each of the products.
Mainly in the use of oxygen water will be a few minutes wait before iso-Betadine to make.
Each local vaginal treatment with an antiseptic may be a local contraceptive spermicides inactivate.

Pregnancy and lactation
The fetal thyroid begins from the 14th week of pregnancy to take iodine. In previous administration expected no effect on the thyroid. After this period, an excess of iodine, most likely after prolonged use of this product, lead to a fetal, biological or clinical hypothyroidism.
Because the risk for jodiumresorptie, iso-Betadine during pregnancy and lactation are only prescribed in small doses and precise indications.
Not if used during pregnancy vaginal injections, or use to disinfect the nipple during lactation.

Effects on ability to drive and use machines:
not applicable

Side effects
Local irritation or sensitization can sometimes be seen in cases of dermal use of povidone-iodine and in particular, with frequent administration. Furthermore, some cases of urticaria and anaphylactic shock have been reported.
Application to large areas of skin can lead to systemic effects such as metabolic acidosis, and renal hypernatremie. In case of repeated and prolonged administration, especially at predetermined individuals or co-existing thyroid disorders, jodiumresorptie may lead to hyper-or hypothyroidism.
The thyroid will for 8 to 10 weeks less absorb iodine, and during that period, the results of thyroid tests may be.
Additional electrolyte disorders and renal impairment associated with severe metabolic acidosis were described after absorption of large amounts of povidone-iodine (particularly when treating severe burns).


For accidental ingestion of a small amount of iso-Betadine Mouthwash (low dose solution) there is no risk of necrosis of the mucosa or iodine intoxication. The only symptoms are gastrointestinal in nature: vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea.
For other types of iso-Betadine with a higher concentration, the risk of necrosis of the mucosa is not well known.
A massive intake of the product, which could possibly lead to severe intoxication, prudence should be treated in a specialized center.

The accidental ingestion of iso-Betadine Solution Hydro Alcoholic intoxication is a cause for the presence of alcohol in the product. A massive overdose could have irreversible consequences.
Treatment of iodine intoxication:

In chronic intoxication (iodisme), the severity of the symptoms is dose dependent. The symptoms disappear spontaneously within a few days after the cessation of intoxication. In severe iodisme, the elimination of iodine through the urinary system promoted by a treatment that increases the elimination of chlorine (eg, osmotic diuresis, salt or chlorine load losing diuretics).

Type of product Medicine
Brands Isobetadine

This is a medecine

This is a medecine available without a prescription.. Do not use long without medical advice. Read the instructions carefully. Keep this medicine out of the reach of children. Keep the manual as it contains important information. Ask for advice from your doctor or pharmacist. Consult your doctor if adverse reactions.


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