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Mannavital Kyolic/Lecithine 200 caps




Mannavital Kyolic / Lecithin 200 caps

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Thanks fermented garlic bears Kyolic + LECITHIN to: the normal functioning of the heart - the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels - the maintenance of normal liver function - the normal functioning of the immune system

Kyolic + lecithin is the effective combination of fermented garlic and soya lecithin. The broad health benefits of Kyolic on the heart and blood vessels, cholesterol, liver and immune system is hereby attached to the beneficial effect of the particular fatty substance LECITHIN, which by its content of choline contributes to normal metabolism of fats and the maintenance of a normal liver function

Use: 2 (maintenance) to 4 (dose) capsules per day

Active ingredients per capsule:

  • 300 mg Fermented garlic or AGED GARLIC EXTRACT® (Allium sativum)
  • 190 mg Soy Lecithin (min. 4.4 mg choline)


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