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PRIMABENTIS is a dietary supplement consisting of total extracts of 5 different plants, which in combination have a broad and positive effect on prostate function.

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PRIMABENTIS is a dietary supplement consisting of total extracts of 5 different plants, which in combination have a broad and positive effect on prostate function.
The extracts help maintain a good prostate function and also support treatments for prostate problems.
Benign prostate enlargement
The support of PRIMABENTIS focuses primarily on benign prostate enlargement, which is induced in men from 50 years of age due to hormone change.
The symptoms are described under the name of LUTS (Lower Urinary Tracts Symptoms) and express themselves through:
  • Several times have to get up to urinate;
  • A weak urine radius;
  • Fall apart because the bladder is not fully emptied;
  • Often urinate small amounts;
  • Having trouble urinating
The above inconveniences may occur in different degrees.

In addition, the man can also suffer from sexual problems, such as:
  • Reduced libido;
  • Reduced erectility.
Prostatitis (acute and chronic )
PRIMABENTIS also helps in the treatment of prostatitis (acute and chronic).
Prostatitis or prostate inflammation is usually caused by bacterial infection or a trauma.
The acute form is usually associated with high fever, a burning sensation in peeing (which is also much more difficult and painful) and generally ill.
In the chronic form, there are fewer symptoms that occur less frequently and manifests the inflammation often does not feel well (in its skin). In addition, the patient may occasionally experience acute upsurge, which usually indicate a new bacterial infection. In chronic prostatitis, inflammation causes small scars, which makes the patient more susceptible to bacterial infections and the development of prostate cancer.


  • Supports and maintains a good prostate function
  • Helps with the treatment of BPH (Benign Prostate Hypertrophy) and in prostatitis (prostate inflammation)


  • This product is only suitable for men.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not exceed the daily recommended amount.
  • This product can not replace a healthy lifestyle.
Delivery form Capsules
Type of product Diet - Nutrition - Foods
Acute : 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening
Chronic : 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening
PRIMABENTIS takes you best just before eating with a glass of flat water.
Curcuma xanthorrhiza (Javanese turmeric)
From this special cork variant we use the root. Even more than Curcuma longa, its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative activity targets hormone-dependent organs, in this case the prostate. This is due to the presence of xanthorrhizole which has a beneficial estrogenic effect and, in conjunction with the curcumin derivatives, has a synergistic effect on all kinds of inflammations.
Linum usitatissimum (Lijnzaad)
The most important components are the lignans belonging to the group of phytoestrogens. In addition to the inhibition of the enzyme 5α-reductase and the enzyme aromatase, linseed extract also works on the SHBG, which inhibits prostate growth.
Matricaria chamomilla (wild chamomile)
Wild camomile is popular because of its calming effect. Less well known are her anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties against E. coli and Staphyloccus aureus, two bacteria that cause most bacterial acute prostatitis.
Serenoa repens (saw palm)
The fruits of the saw palm are known for their strong action against prostate enlargement. Several studies have confirmed this several times. Again, an inhibition of the enzyme 5α-reductase as well as its regulatory activity on testosterone and estrogen metabolism are based on this positive activity.
Urtica dioica (big nettle)
As with linseed, the lignans, along with some unsaturated fats, are responsible for a growth inhibitory effect of the prostate. It is a good idea that they will benefit male potential.


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