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  • Nutrisan Citrithin1 120 caps

    Application / Administration / Information Natural extract of dried skin of the fruit Garcinia cambogia. Surprising element: the Citrithin one increases the power of satiety dishes. What are the two main activities of Citrithin one? Firstly, a redu

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  • Nutrisan Citrithin2 90 caps

    Application / Administration / Information Rich in plant substances stimulating fat burning (fat-burning action). Caffeine increases the basal metabolic rate; Mate and caffeine stimulate fat burning by heat; Green tea (mainly EGCG), mate and caff

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  • Teavital Standaard 125 gram

    Application / Administration / Information Contributes to weight loss in combination with exercise physique.EGCG prevents the absorption of fats from the diet, ensures stimulate fat burning (increase in fat-burning action) and helps reduce fat stora

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