Your order is important to us, we make every effort in order for you to receive them as soon as possible: more than 90% of the orders which are placed before 11: 00 am, are processed within 24h (working day)!
In Practice:
• the orders which are placed from Monday to Friday before 11: 00am, are processed within 24h.
• the orders that are placed on Friday after 03: 00pm or on Saturday or on Sunday will be processed on Monday.
• holidays are equal to a Saturday or Sunday
Remember to choose a delivery address (home, Office, ...) where someone during office hours can take delivery of your package.

Quality of delivery service

Your order is important to us. When your package leaves the pharmacy, it is entrusted to DPD or BPost. We are confident that our partner will handle this shipment with the necessary care.

Follow-up of order
You have a tracking code to follow your order (by e-mail sent to you upon confirmation of your order) that you can use to track the shipment of your package online via the site DPD or  BPost.
This tracking code will be communicated in the e-mail with the confirmation of your order.

What should I do with a damaged parcel?

Never accept a damaged parcel (severely damaged or opened package). Leave an entry in each case on the ' receipt ' parcel damaged or open the parcel in the presence of the courier to determine the number of products in it.

We ask you to check the ordered and delivered goods immediately upon receipt for breakage or incompleteness. If there are omissions or errors detected, you have 14 calendar days of delivery time to report this to us. After this period it is assumed that the delivery is completely performed.

Complaints :

For complaints related to your order:

Personal Data

The collection of personal data for the distance selling is required. This information is essential for processing. Lack of information leads to the non-validation of the order.

The Zwitserse Apotheek is subject to the Belgian law of 8 december 1992 on the protection of personal data, amended by the law of 11 december 1998, which takes into account the EU directive of 24 October 1995.
That law provides that companies who collect personal information must have the consent of the person concerned. The data must be accurate and must be collected for a specific, clear and legal purpose. Everyone must have access to his personal data and should have the right to change them. In accordance with the law, the processing of the personal data of clients registered with the Commission for the protection of the private life. The client has a right of access, right to adjustment, a right for the improvement and abolition of the data that he can exercise at the Zwitserse Apotheek

The Zwitserse Apotheek will never pass on data of his clients to third parties.

Applicable law in the case of a dispute

If difficulties arise during the performance of a contract, the client and the Zwitserse Apotheek is committed to, before taking legal action, examine the possibility of a friendly settlement. If this does not get solved, then only the Antwerp courts are competent to hear any claims, regardless of the place of delivery or the residence of the client.
The legal agreements and all reports between the client and the Zwitserse Apotheek are subject to Belgian law.